Rebuilt Transmissions Cost - Overview

Are you troubled due to car problems like those that … check engine light on or car would not move? Are you finding it hard to shift gears? All these are common problems associated with transmission. This means you may need to repair transmission or probably a total transmission overhaul, known as a Transmission Rebuild. There are many benefits of choosing a rebuilt transmission:

  • Rebuilt transmissions cost much less as compared to new ones.
  • Rebuilt transmissions are tested for quality and performance.
  • Soft parts like valves, clutch components, filters, gaskets and seals are changed in a rebuilt transmission if required.
  • They carry a longer warranty as compared to used transmissions.


When it comes to cost of rebuilt transmission, a certain amount of parts and labor hours adds into rebuild transmission cost. The amount of labor hours may vary depending on type of vehicle you use. What to look for in a rebuilt car transmission cost-

  • Transmission Solenoid- Even if you may need to replace your solenoid, in general, replacing only the solenoid will not resolve your transmission problem. Reputed and reliable rebuilt transmission shops like rebuiltcartransmissions will help you find cost effective solution for all your needs.

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