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Are you a car owner? If yes, then you must be well aware about the terms "replacement" and "rebuilt car transmissions”. When a car needs a transmission repair, the first obvious question is whether to go for a replacement transmission or rebuilt cars transmissions. Every automobile owner must be aware that both engine and transmission are the integral parts of automobile. Transmission is a system, which integrates gear, clutch with other associated parts. Two types of transmissions available in the market are-

  • Manual transmissions: In this type of transmission, clutch pedal is available.
  • Automatic transmissions: In this sort of transmission, once the vehicle starts, all gear shifting is handled by transmission.


Many auto parts may wear and tear now or then and need to be replaced. Nowadays, it has become very easy to find quality transmissions at affordable prices. If you want to replace transmissions without hitting hard on your pocket, then you can go for rebuilt car transmissions. At our store, you will find rebuilt automatic transmissions as well as rebuilt manual transmissions at affordable rates. Rebuilt transmissions are not new transmissions. However, they may have new or used parts, which are replaced due to wear and tear or damage. A rebuilt car transmission still has old parts functioning in the transmission.

Nevertheless, the transmission has been rebuilt on an assembly line by changing two or more transmission parts. As a car owner, if you want to decide whether to go for a rebuilt or new transmission, then you should understand these concepts clearly. There are many benefits of choosing rebuilt transmissions. As said earlier, the basic reason why vehicle owners choose this option is the price. Rebuilt transmissions cost much less as compared to new ones. Furthermore, rebuilt transmissions are generally available a lot quicker as compared to new transmissions.

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Rebuilt transmissions means replacing badly damaged or worn out parts of the transmission. If your transmission is having some bad parts, then it does not mean that the entire transmission is bad. Although with a few mishaps many cars transmissions, depending on mileage and age, are in good condition. It can be beneficial to rebuild the transmission by simply replacing these bad parts. Numerous parts in your transmission are designed to have long life.

At rebuiltcartransmissions, you will find quality rebuilt transmissions at affordable prices. Every rebuilt car transmission, we sell is tested and verified for its quality and performance. With customer satisfaction as our prime concern, we strive hard to provide our customers with quality rebuilt transmissions and services. It will be a great shopping experience for you. Start your quest for the best now!